Why choose a NNN DST for your 1031 Exchange?

NNN DSTs are one of the most trusted investment options among 1031 Investors.

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What is Net Lease DST?

Similar to DSTs, Net lease DSTs, are created by bundling a portfolio of NNN-leased real estate, with tenants like CVS, Walgreens, Advance Auto Parts, FedEx, 7 Eleven, Starbucks, etc.

With a Net Lease DST, you enjoy the benefits of both worlds. Many investors face a tough choice while picking between a NNN property or a DST when looking for a replacement property for their 1031 Exchange. With a Net Lease DST, they no longer have to pick one. They can enjoy the prepackaged nature of a DST blended with highly profitable and secure NNN investment real estate. Investors benefit from consistent cash flow and security of yield. The properties bundled are nationally known and are often credit-rated: Walgreens, CVS, AutoZone, Dollar Tree, Fresenius, and Tractor Supply are a few examples of what an ideal NNN DST is made up of.

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What is a NNN (Triple Net) lease?

A NNN or Triple Net Lease helps you in the following ways – 

What is a DST (Delaware Statutory Trust)?

A DST or Delaware Statutory Trust is a private entity that owns, manages, and sells investment-grade properties. A DST investment is beneficial because of the following reasons – 

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