NNN Properties in California Secrets You never Knew

California has grabbed the attention of investors for conservative investing. One asset class that is getting noticed is net leased properties. These properties can be everything, from buying a real estate property like a drug store to one of the many dollar stores that have multiplied in the past years. Other typical net lease properties for sale include properties like automotive service and parts suppliers such as a building leased to auto parts manufacturing companies. Also worth mentioning are some highly sought after distribution properties or bank branches. The net leased properties are generally built on contract by a developer for the user/tenant and are given to the tenants for a long term lease of 10 to 25 years.

These days in California, net leased properties are in high demand due to various reasons. Property owners and real estate investors look for triple net (NNN) lease properties for sale in California even before looking for other types of properties. These properties are in demand because they are considered as attractive options for the investors who are looking forward to apply or take advantage of 1031 exchanges to defer tax. The NNN lease properties are single tenant retail properties. The person who holds the lease of a NNN property is responsible for paying the insurance, taxes, and maintenance fees related to the property rather than the landlord covering every financial cost of the property alone. Moreover, the lessee also has to pay the rent.   

This facilitates the landlord to shift a large amount of his responsibility onto the shoulder of the lessee. This further allows the landlord to avoid being a middleman for several different financial responsibilities. Investments on net lease properties for sale may not be perfect for everyone’s unique financial goals. However, they might prove to be great means to build up a portfolio. Landlords can rent out these properties to tenants with high credit scores and thus build up strong professional ties with other flourishing businesses in their area.

Benefits of NNNLease Properties

NNN leased properties can be beneficial for both landlords and tenants. The property owners who are looking to expand their investments and giving their property on NNN lease would stand to gain. This would shift the burden of small financial responsibilities onto the tenant. These properties are also prone to be reasonably stable. Being an important element in a real estate market that is continually in flux; investors may find it easy to gain financing when looking at NNN lease properties for sale in California.

NNN properties are usually more affordable than other types of properties. It is one of the most important benefits that the investor gains and later ittrickles down to benefit the tenant. Tenants find it easy to handle their own management tasks directly rather than appealing to the landlord for every single maintenance needs or insurance concerns. This is so because the net lease properties for sale often have long lease periods.  

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